Ratings are held according to rules made by Association of Communication Agencies of Georgia, these rules are based on international standard and experiences.

Both members of Association of Communication Agencies of Georgia and agencies registered in Georgia are able to participate in ratings. members of the association get participation discounts during the festivals and they also contribute each year in determining and affirming factors.

Agencies can be classified by these specializations, according to their main competencies:

  • Design studio;
  • Advertising agency.

at the end of the year revealed will be:

  • Georgian creative advertising agency of the year;
  • Georgian branding/design studio of the year.

In case of ACAG, agency can participate in both ratings. rating points gained at the festival chosen by ACAG is added to “advertising agency”. As for “branding & design studio”, they accept points only from this category (for example, if the agency is participating only in branding rating and gains point at the festival with their video, it will not be credited.)

Each agency that participates in communication agency rating conferment, must determine their competency and choose wat type of agency they belong to.

Creativity & Craft rating is determined on basic of points that agencies gain from receiving awards at advertising festivals and contests during the festival season. Rating period lasts from september to september each year.

Festivals that are included in Creativity & Craft ratings must meet these principles:

  • Prestigiousness of  winning and awards, recognition in advertising public;
  • Opportunity to win and gain points;
  • Transparency of the rating rules.

Number of festivals in rating must be high enough so that most of the agencies have opportunity to gain award points, stimulate their differentiation, which, in turn, will increase “observation matrix” correctness. On the other hand, as the number of marketing festivals and contests in the world is already high and is rising still, Association of Communication Agencies establishes the limit of 20 festivals. Thus, after reaching the limit (20 festivals), including any new festival in the rating means excluding another from it.

In Creativity & Craft rating points will be divided between the agencies that were working together and presented their works together at festival.

Complete list of festivals and contests is made for Creativity & Craft rating, independently of contest and agency specialization. All of the values (points for award, festival and contest factors) also are unified, but points are counted and ratings formed by classification shown above.

Creativity & Craft  rating points  (base values):

  • Finalist (Short-list ) = 1 points;
  • Bronze = 3 points;
  • Silver = 7 points;
  • Gold = 15 points;
  • Best work of the contest (contest Grand prix) = 30 points;
  • Festival Grand prix = 35 points.
  • Even if an agency gets special awards, rating is calculated only by awards listed above. special awards will not be reflected in rating.
  • If works of one advertising series (campaign) get multiple awards in one contest (category), all the results, gained at the festival by that company is considered valid in rating outcome.
  • Advertising festivals may have different factors for their contests. given the presence of specialized Jury, prestigiousness of awards and “adequacy” from history of the festival.
  • Considering that during the season certain festivals may change their terms, increase the number of nominations, alter jury forming principles, Association of Communication Agencies of Georgia retains the right to revise factors, according to implemented changes.