Memorandum N1

ACAG submitted  the “memorandum of mutual agreement N1”

On November 20, 2016  “Association of Communication Agencies of Georgia”  (ACAG) held an informative presentation. the event vas attended by representatives of both advertising and business companies. memorandum of mutual agreement was submitted.

“memorandum of mutual agreement N1” is a pact between signatory communication agencies and entails introducing safety fee. agencies agreed to require safety fee beforehand, so their work is not wasted.

by establishing safety fee, in memorandum framework, agencies will be protected against unscrupulous customers. customers too, in their turn, will act more discreetly and cautiously choose their project and agency suitable for it. Ako Axalaia, one of the founders of ACAG  says and agency representatives agree that in such setting, all the parties will be actively participating and impelled to achieve shared goals.